Welcome to NAVY.

A different kind of agency. 

We’re a slightly different agency than one you might be used to working with.

We are a strategic innovation agency – which may have you scratching your head, wondering: what is it you actually do?

At our core, we’re a branding agency with a specific focus on the intersection of brand and innovation. We live and breathe branding, but without a vested business interest in the tactics of the solution (we are truly touchpoint-agnostic), we can focus on the very best innovative thinking and solutions to grow your brand.

We research, invent, develop, and evolve brand stories that are meaningful and actionable - that both move the needle in the short-term, and build meaningful equity over time.

We focus on brands bringing innovative products, services and solutions to their customers. Sometimes this takes the form of a great new brand concept, a product innovation, a new framework for looking at a messy old business strategy issue, or turning an existing category norm sideways to blindside the competition, build leadership and invent the future.

We’ve worked with everyone–from Fortune 500 brands, to family-owned business and VC startups, to conventional marketing agencies–to help bring brands to life in a way that uncovers and unleashes powerful new opportunities.

Here are a couple of examples:

Portfolio Architecture
We’ve helped unblock innovation pipelines with the focus and clarity of architecture for Blue Diamond Almonds.

Brand Experience Management
We’ve helped introduce new entertainment solutions to the social media savvy customers of The Rec Room, a new division of Cineplex.

Brand Reinvention and Marketing Strategy
We’ve helped reverse a declining market and breathe new life into playing bingo at Delta Bingo and Gaming.

Brand Evolution and Business Strategy Development
We’ve extended the world of wellness in condominiums by increasing opportunities for both business and personal growth at Results Lifestyle.

Whether you’re a brand manager, an agency director or an entrepreneur with a great idea, we’d love to work with you to help build meaning in your brand for your customers and clients.

In upcoming posts, we’ll introduce you to the members of our team, how we work and why we’re different. Welcome to NAVY.

By the way… Why ZeroEightZero?

We believe in and often refer to the Pareto Principle, which states 80% of an output from a given situation is determined by 20% of the input.

We see this principle, when applied to design thinking and sticky brand and business issues, as providing progress vectors without the heavy overhead incurred by traditional branding and marcom models. Our hope is this blog will help bring to light some of these vectors.